Retail Diversity in the East Village

Over the course of three days in August 2014, EVCC staff and volunteers walked every block of the East Village in an effort to catalog the ground floor use of each building in the community. The data provides a snapshot of the retail landscape in the East Village from summer 2014.


The East Village has 1750 total storefronts. The data shows concentrations of retail and services along the avenues, St. Marks Place, E. 9th and 4th Streets. The retail and service options disperse east of Tompkins Square Park.

All Primary with Vacancy


Drinking Establishments + Food Service

In total Drinking Establishments and Food Services make up 35.8% of all East Village storefronts

Food and Drink

Business CategoryNumber of BusinessesPortion of Storefronts
Total Drinking & Food58235.60%
Restaurants & Cafes42224.10%
Other Food (Ice cream, frozen yogurt, dessert, juice bar, etc.)523.00%

Avenues2nd Avenue1st AvenueAvenue C
Total Storefronts15819292
Restaurants & Cafes446815
Other Food731
Percent Bars + Food Service46.00%46.00%29.00%
Streets1st St.6th St.7th St.St. Marks Pl.10th St.
Percent Bars + Food Service31.00%36.00%32.00%41.00%31.00%
Total Storefronts39749313871
Restaurants & Cafes819164013
Other Food21447


There are 362 retail stores in the East Village. The highest concentrations are along 1st and 2nd Avenues, as well as East 7th and 9th Streets and St. Marks Place.


Retail TypeNumber of StoresPercent of Total Retail
Food + Beverage12535.00%
Hobbies, Sports + Music6317.00%
Personal Care267.00%
General Merchandise 164.00%

Local Services

There are 249 local service establishments in the East Village. They are fairly well spread through the district; however, a decline in offerings can be seen in the eastern part of the district.

Local Services

Local ServiceNumber of StoresPercent of Local Services
Barber or Hair Salon8635.00%
Dry Cleaner or Laundry6426.00%
Spa or Body Work4920.00%
Tattoos + Body Alteration166.00%
Pet Supplies135.00%
Other Services83.00%
Auto Repair21.00%


There are 63 chain store establishments in the East Village. The majority of these are located on Third, Second, and First Avenues as well as 14th St.

  • Food service establishments (Starbucks, Subway, etc.) account for 35% of the chain stores within the East Village
  • Banks account for 21% of the chain stores within the East Village

Chain StoresVacancies

At the time of the survey there were 196 storefront vacancies within the East Village, or an 11% vacancy rate.


The full presentation of the data can be seen here. 






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