Get Local! Guide East Village Shops Now Available

Our neighborhood boasts resident-serving retail outlets and unique offerings from creative merchants. The East Village is NOT a strip mall – thankfully the monotonous chain stores found in town after town are in short supply here. In an attempt to keep our neighborhood independent and unique, we publish our free Get Local! Guide to East Village Shops each year. The updated 8th Edition is available now!


Spending your money locally helps small businesses thrive in the East Village.

Local shopping also:
Keeps more money in our community
Creates local jobs with fair wages
Sustains small business owners who defend our neighborhood’s identity
Chooses creativity and personality over uniformity


The newly available 8th Edition lists more than 500 local merchants and is available in shops and cafes in the neighborhood. You can download the online version or pick up your free copy today!

We are working to preserve small businesses as an integral part of maintaining our diverse, livable community.

Thank you to supporters of the 2014 Get Local! guide:

Lead sponsor: East Village Independent Merchants Association

Sponsors: 4th Street Food Coop, ABC Animal Hospital, The Bean, Ciao For Now, Dinosaur Hill, Fabulous Fanny’s, Fly Dove, Fourth Arts Block, Eileen Fisher Boutique, Housing Works, Parlor, Performance Space 122, Random Accessories, Shape of Lies, Source Unltd, Straight Edge NYC, Transportation Alternatives, Two Boots, Upright Citizens Brigade, wild project