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Guide to East Village Shops: In Stores and Online NOW

The East Village is NOT a strip mall – the same chain stores you’ll find in town after town are few and far between in this neighborhood. We seek to keep our community unique, independent, and sustainable.

The EVCC compiled the seventh edition of our Get Local! Guide to locally owned and operated stores. Click here to download a copy or to visit the interactive version.

How can you help? SHOP LOCAL! When you spend your money locally by avoiding franchises, chain stores, and the big-box retailers, there are many benefits to the community. Learn more about the effect of chain stores on the local economy in our report Preserving Local, Independent Retail.

The updated Guide is in stores now!

  • Choose creativity and personality over uniformity
  • Provide economic diversity and stability
  •  Keep more of your money in your community
  •  Create local jobs with fair living wages
  •  Sustain small business owners who strengthen the local economy * Defend our neighborhood’s identity
  •  Fight the lie that “low prices” at chain stores makes up for the loss of local business ownership

Ready to start shopping?

Find local stores in the online Get Local! guide

To assure that your business is listed in Get Local!:

Contact the EVCC by calling (212) 979-2344 or write to biz (at) evccnyc (dot) org

For more information on the benefits of Getting Local, check out these sites:

  • American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA)
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)
  • Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)

Latest News on Our Get Local! Efforts

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