LOWER IS BETTER A new zoning code protects the neighborhood

LOWER IS BETTER A new zoning code protects the neighborhood

East Village/ Lower East Side Rezoning

The City Council approved the 111-block rezoning on November 19, 2008. The rezoning protects both residents and existing buildings. Where new development does occur, the rezoning provides incentives to create affordable housing as part of the new development, helping insure that the East Village maintains its economic diversity. The EVCC was a founding member of LESCAZ, the Lower East Side Coalition for Accountable Zoning. Click here to read more about the 2008 rezoning.


Formula Retail Zoning (FRZ)

The EVCC is working to preserve small businesses as a integral part of maintaining our diversified, livable neighborhood. Locally owned stores and businesses provide community sustainability because owners live where they work and therefore have a vested interest in the neighborhood. Locally owned business tend to pay higher wages.

Some cities and towns in the United States have successfully adopted Formula Retail Regulation Zoning (FRZ), requiring stores to be unique and protecting neighborhoods by limiting or outright banning chain retailers from locating there. We are working to adopt FRZ in the East Village.
Click here for a video supporting Formula Retail Zoning in the East Village, produced by Nicholas Whitaker.

Latest News on Our Rezoning Efforts

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