Old PS 64 šŸ’Œ Rally & Press Conference – Tuesday, 2/14, 2pm


Join elected officials, community organizations and activistsĀ to ask Mayor de Blasio to be our Valentine and give us back our Community Center former CHARAS El Bohio, P.S. 64 at 605 East 9th Street!

Artists, dancers, actors, musicians, residents, community not-for-profit orgs. & service providers. Come as your favorite cultural or community resource, or come as you are!

What can you do?

  • Come to the Rally and Press Conference about saving Old P.S. 64/Charas-El Bohio on Tuesday, 2/14, 2pmĀ —Ā Steps of City Hall
    šŸ’ŒĀ RSVP, invite your friends, like and share theĀ Facebook invite to the Rally
  • Come to MORUS for Sign PaintingĀ 
    Sunday, February 12th from 3:30pm to 7:30pm
    Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, 155 Avenue C
    šŸ’ŒĀ RSVP, invite your friends, like and share theĀ Facebook invite to the Rally
  • Print out Ā the Valentine’s Rally flyer and distribute to friends, neighbors, local businesses.
    šŸ’Œ Ask your favorite businesses to post it in their window.
  • Write Mayor de Blasio!Ā 
    šŸ’ŒĀ UrgeĀ him to reverse the Department of Buildingsā€™ ruling and not allowĀ a phony ā€œdorm for hireā€ to go into old P.S. 64.

    Brief history:

    In 2005 community members, organizations and elected officials joined toĀ get Old P.S. 64 landmarkedĀ and theĀ City limits uses here to ā€œcommunity facilities.ā€ As the developerĀ tried repeatedly to get around the the usage restriction by making it a “dorm for hire,” so our community allies asked the City to tighten up the dorm rules.

    The developer owner is trying yet again to sneakĀ around theseĀ tighter rules andĀ has hired the same lobbyist involved in the scandalous lifting of the deed restriction for the nearby Rivington House! And what’s worse is now it’s the DoB breaking it’s own rules!Ā That has terrible implications, not just for our beloved CHARAS El Bohio, but for endangered, culturally significant buildings across the City.Ā 

    šŸ’ŒMayor de Blasio, have a heart andĀ put a stop to this!šŸ’Œ

    Read more on recent happenings atĀ The VillagerĀ and atĀ GVSHPĀ or find a full history here.


432 E. 14th St. TOWER – 1/24 OPPOSE Variance Application!

432 E. 14th… TOWER?

NO Taller than Zoning Allows!

Tuesday Jan. 24th at 1pm – Testify at the BSA Hearing!

TheĀ developers ofĀ 432 E.14th StreetĀ have applied to The Board of Standards and AppealsĀ for varianceĀ to build higher than our zoning allows — 50% (four floors) higher!
Left: Former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office. Center: Height allowedĀ (8 stories). Right: Height requested 12 stories).

Compare the heights above. Compliance is 8 stories. Proposed is 12. Like the EVCC, our colleagues in preservation, Community Board 3, and many residents, we believe you willĀ agree that this building is oversized and way out of scale. We worked hard to get Ā special zoning put in place — to prevent exactly this. We need your voice. Tell the BSA we stand behind our zoning.

Testify at theĀ BSA Hearing on January 24th
BSA hearing room, 22 Reade Street, Spector Hall at 1pm

We believe the developers claims “hardship” because of “unique circumstances”Ā are bogus.Ā Do not let themĀ get away with cramming an oversized building into a space where it doesn’t belong justĀ because it is on 14th Street. The back of the building goes through to 13th Street and will be very visible, have widespread effects and sets a bad precedent. We must stand up to this encroachment and uphold our zoning.



  • TESTIFY AT THE BSA HEARING – January 24thĀ at 1pm – BSA hearing room, 22 Reade Street, Spector Hall.
  • FORWARD BY EMAIL or PRINT OUTĀ Ā this flyer and post it in your lobby or community center, distribute to friends, neighbors, local businesses.

Get Local! Guide to East Village Shops – Get Yours Today!

The East Village Community Coalition publishes our free Get Local! Guide to East Village Shops each year. The updated 9th Edition — with over 500 sh0ps listed — is available now! EmailĀ  (or leave a message 212-9792-2344) to get your guides today!

Get Local! Guide 2015/2016 v9

Spending your money locally helps small businesses thrive in the East Village.

Local shopping also:
– Keeps more money in our community
– Creates local jobs with fair wages
– Sustains small business owners who defend our neighborhood’s identity
– Chooses creativity and personality over uniformity

The newly available 9th Edition lists more than 500 local merchants and is available in shops and cafes in the neighborhood. Pick up your free copy today!

We are working to preserve small businesses as an integral part of maintaining our diverse, livable community.

Thank you to supporters of the 2015 Get Local! Guide:

Lead sponsors:Ā Lower East Side Girls Club andĀ East Village Independent Merchants Association

Sponsors: 4th Street Food Coop, ABC Animal Hospital, The Bean, Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks,Ā Ciao For Now, Dance Parade,Ā Dinosaur Hill, Enz’s, East Village Vintage CollectiveĀ (FB),Ā Exit9 Gift Emporium,Ā Fabulous Fanny’s, Fourth Arts Block, Eileen Fisher Boutique, Housing Works, Jimmy’s No. 43,Ā Lori McLean Fine Jewelry,Ā Parlor, Performance Space 122, Random Accessories, Shape of Lies, Source Unltd, Transportation Alternatives, Upright Citizens Brigade, wild project

City Planning Reduces Height Increases Planned for Contextual Zones, Reforms Community Process

The Department of City Planning announced that it will present to 51 community boards before further action is taken on the Zoning for Quality and Affordability plan introduced in February. The change is a response community opposition from neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs expressed during the comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. In the East Village, the R8B designations south of Tompkins Square Park will increase by 5 feet. The rest of the neighborhood under R7A zoning remains planned to absorb more generous height lifts including a 5-foot increase with the option to build up to 105 feet for affordable senior or Inclusionary Housing.

The contextual zone in the East Village was enacted in 2008 following a three-year community process. The height restrictions help protect existing buildings and the neighborhood scale.

Read the letter from City Planning Chairman Carl Weisbrod in full.

Accidental Skyline: A Map of Underbuilt Manhattan



The Municipal Art Society released a new toolĀ for identifying parcels with air space that can be developed under existing zoning. Much of the East Village is already near or at its height limit as a result of the 2008 contextual rezoningĀ advanced by the EVCC and the East Village/ Lower East Side community. Some lots (in darker shades) remain vulnerable to potential future development. Neighbors take notice of underbuilt neighbors that may one day attract development interest.
View the interactive map.

Accidental Skyline

Buildable space in the East Village available on MAS’s Accidental Skyline

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