EVCC is dedicated to improving our community’s infrastructure and encourages sustainable transportation including walking, bicycling, skateboarding, and other human-powered transportation.

What do you see when you look uptown or downtown from the East Village? Towers. EVCC works to protect our walkable, tree-lined streets, one of the main reasons people love living here.

Closing East River Park

The fast-track plan for the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project 
(our section of “The Big U” plan to provide flood protection to vulnerable parts of Lower Manhattan) will CLOSE East River Park for at least 3.5 years. 

Many people still don’t know the City plans to bulldoze East River Park next spring, to rebuild a new elevated park. 

Neighborhood groups worked with the City for years on a modest resiliency plan that didn’t materialize. The new plan (just presented last fall) comes with a $1.45 billion price tag and an accelerated timeline that leaves many heads spinning. 

We all recognize the urgent need for flood protection. No one wants to live through another Hurricane Sandy! But important questions remain unanswered as this plan is suddenly rushed through:

  • How will we be protected from flooding during construction?
  • How will demolition and construction impact our air quality?
  • Is this really the best plan for our neighborhood? 
  • Why not base such a massive undertaking on 2100 projections instead of 2050 projections?
  • Why can’t this be done in stages?

Some tenant leaders have endorsed the new plan. CB 3 put out a document summarizing the differences between the current and previous plans.

Is this really the best plan for kids who won’t have neighborhood ball fields for all of their middle or high school years?
Is this the best plan if the Park is your backyard or summer home?
Is this the best plan if you rely on the Park for exercise?  

The City Planning Commission has held a hearing on the new plan and is expected to vote in September. Check back with this page for updates.  

Tompkins Square Park Turf

Remedial Park improvements are underway to provide more green space while East River Park is closed: small curbside “rain gardens”, tree plantings, solar lighting, playground painting, etc.

An asphalt to artificial turf conversion was just announced for Tompkins Square Park without community input (see below).

How will synthetic turf impact your use of this area?

Local skateboarders who object to astro-turfing Training Field have started a petition.

Please let us know your thoughts on artificial turf vs. resurfacing and painting this area of your park!

            Tompkins Square Park

Pedal Power – Kids’ Art Bike Parade

The EVCC’s Fourth Kids’ Art Bike Parade was held in April 2011 in East River Park. Hundreds of children and adults rode art decorated bicycles through our waterfront park. Bike Safety, Learn to Ride, and other bike-related workshops were held the day of the Parade. EVCC worked with local stores, artists, and other not-for-profit and government organizations on this extraordinary event.

2011 Bike Parade!

Livable East Side Streets

The EVCC advocated for Select Bus Service (SBS) on Manhattan’s East Side and for protected bike lanes on 1st & 2nd Avenue. We worked with Transportation Alternatives on the East Side Action Plan – A Community Vision for Safer Streets.

We continue to push for better public transportation for our underserved neighborhood, including additional stops on the M14 A & D lines in the upcoming grand redesign. Here’s the latest from the MTA.