Block Associations

In many sections of the East Village, residents have organized to collectively advocate for the particular needs of a block or stretch of the neighborhood. Block associations commonly address issues related to safety, lighting, development, greenspace, preservation, film shoots, transportation/parking, liquor licensing, and quality of life. Some also organize neighborhood events.

Click here to find contact information for your local block association. If your block is not included in the list below, write to us at info (at) evccnyc (dot) org and we will help you get your own group started.


First Street Block Association
1st St, 1st-2nd Ave

Friends of Meltzer Park (FOMP)
1st Ave-Ave A, 1st-2nd St

2nd Street Block Association
2nd St, 1st Ave-Ave A

East 3rd Street Block Association
Ave B-D

East 4th Street Avenues A-B Block Association
4th St, Ave A-B

All The Way East 4th Street Block Association
4th St, Ave C-D

East 5th Street Block Association
1st-3rd Aves, 2nd Ave between 4th and 6th

Eight B C D Block Association
8th St, Ave B-D

EVORA East Village Owners Renters Association
8th-12th St, 3rd-4th Ave

9th Street A-1 Block Association
9th St, Ave A-1st Ave

9BC Tompkins Sq Block Association
9th St, Ave B-C

10th-Stuyvesant Streets Block Association
10th St, Stuyvesant, 2nd-3rd Ave

A1E 10th St Block Association
10th St, 1st Ave-Ave A

North Avenue A Neighborhood Association
Ave A, 10th-14th St

11th Street A-B-C Block Association
11th St, Ave A-C

12th Street Block Association
12th St, Ave A-B

East Village Community Coalition
143 Avenue B - Simplex
New York, NY 10009