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Old PS 64 šŸ’Œ Rally & Press Conference ā€“ Tuesday, 2/14, 2pm - East Village Community Coalition


Join elected officials, community organizations and activistsĀ to ask Mayor de Blasio to be our Valentine and give us back our Community Center former CHARAS El Bohio, P.S. 64 at 605 East 9th Street!

Artists, dancers, actors, musicians, residents, community not-for-profit orgs. & service providers. Come as your favorite cultural or community resource, or come as you are!

What can you do?

  • Come to the Rally and Press Conference about saving Old P.S. 64/Charas-El Bohio on Tuesday, 2/14, 2pmĀ —Ā Steps of City Hall
    💌Ā RSVP, invite your friends, like and share theĀ Facebook invite to the Rally
  • Come to MORUS for Sign PaintingĀ 
    Sunday, February 12th from 3:30pm to 7:30pm
    Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, 155 Avenue C
    💌Ā RSVP, invite your friends, like and share theĀ Facebook invite to the Rally
  • Print out Ā the Valentine’s Rally flyer and distribute to friends, neighbors, local businesses.
    💌 Ask your favorite businesses to post it in their window.
  • Write Mayor de Blasio!Ā 
    💌Ā UrgeĀ him to reverse the Department of Buildingsā€™ ruling and not allowĀ a phony ā€œdorm for hireā€ to go into old P.S. 64.

    Brief history:

    In 2005 community members, organizations and elected officials joined toĀ get Old P.S. 64 landmarkedĀ and theĀ City limits uses here to ā€œcommunity facilities.ā€ As the developerĀ tried repeatedly to get around the the usage restriction by making it a “dorm for hire,” so our community allies asked the City to tighten up the dorm rules.

    The developer owner is trying yet again to sneakĀ around theseĀ tighter rules andĀ has hired the same lobbyist involved in the scandalous lifting of the deed restriction for the nearby Rivington House! And what’s worse is now it’s the DoB breaking it’s own rules!Ā That has terrible implications, not just for our beloved CHARAS El Bohio, but for endangered, culturally significant buildings across the City.Ā 

    💌Mayor de Blasio, have a heart andĀ put a stop to this!💌

    Read more on recent happenings atĀ The VillagerĀ and atĀ GVSHPĀ or find a full history here.