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The EVCC commissioned BFJ Planning to study the zoning of the East Village in light of the inadequacies of the R7-2 code mapped across most of our neighborhood, unchanged since the last major revision of the City’s zoning code in 1961. Rezoning the East Village: A Discussion Paper, was completed in June 2005. EVCC met with the Department of City Planning [DCP] and submitted our study to Manhattan Community Board 3. The study provided a catalyst for a zoning change widely desired across communities within CB3, establishing the 197a Plan Task Force.

The City Council approved the 111-block rezoning on November 19, 2008.

The task force worked with DCP on the Plan to achieve more appropriate zoning that fits our neighborhood’s low rise scale. The rezoning protects both residents and existing buildings. Where new development does occur, the rezoning provides incentives to create affordable housing as part of the new development, helping insure that the East Village maintains its economic diversity. The EVCC is a founding member of LESCAZ, the Lower East Side Coalition for Accountable Zoning.
Look back at the city’s initial 2006 zoning propoal and the EVCC’s position paper on zoning.

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