Retail Diversity

EVCC advocates for the increased diversity of available retail and local services available for local residents. A mixture of small businesses keeps our neighborhood livable and attractive.



East Village/ Lower East Side Rezoning

The City Council approved the 111-block rezoning on November 19, 2008. The rezoning protects both residents and existing buildings. Where new development does occur, the rezoning provides incentives to create affordable housing as part of the new development, helping insure that the East Village maintains its economic diversity. The EVCC was a founding member of LESCAZ, the Lower East Side Coalition for Accountable Zoning. Click here to read more about the 2008 rezoning.



The EVCC is working toward historic districts and individual landmarks protections in our community. We worked with neighbors, community groups, and elected officials to save Old P.S. 64 from the wrecking ball and development as a high-rise tower. And we are currently working on two proposed historic districts in the East Village.