Ways to Get Local

Find independent East Village merchants with our Get Local Guide.

Avoid unnecessary spending at chain stores. For every $100 dollars you spend locally, $68 stay in the local economy. But for every $100 you spend in a chain store only $43 stay local.

Local business owners tend to reinvest in the local economy by hiring local suppliers and employees. They often live and shop in our neighborhood and purchase local goods and services at more than twice the rate of chains. Chain stores’ profits are often returned to corporate headquarters and diffused through economies far from the point of sale.

Pledge to shift $20 of your monthly spending to East Village business.

If everyone in the East Village redirected $20 of monthly spending to a local business, approximately $9.8 million would move into the local economy.

Support zoning changes that will help protect small businesses. Read our report on formula retail Preserving Local, Independent Retail.