Preserving the culture of the East Village

The EVCC works alongside our coalition partners to expand Historic Districts and Individual Landmarks protections in our community. Each of our neighborhood’s historic buildings has a story to tell.

The East 10th Street Historic District

The East Village / LES Historic District

In a city of incessant reinvention, it is rare to find blocks that have remained relatively intact from the time they were built. Designation as an Historic District by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission offers these streetscapes and buildings the best protection from inappropriate alteration, demolition, and out of scale development. Read more from the Lower East Side Preservation Initiative.

The LPC designated the East 10th Street Historic District on January 17, 2012. Read the Designation Report. This was the first historic district designation in the neighborhood since the St. Mark’s Historic District in 1969! Designation Report.

full_july 2011 lpc proposed district 10th streetr

In October 2012, the LPC designated the East Village / Lower East Side Historic District, which runs along Second Avenue from 2nd Street to St. Mark’s Place, and on East 6th and 7th Streets from First Avenue to Avenue A. Designation Report.

full_july 2011 lpc proposed district 2nd aver

Congregation Meseritz Synagogue

In August of 2008, the EVCC joined with community groups to preserve this historic 1910 “tenement synagogue” at 415 East 6th Street. The Meseritz Synagogue is included in the LES / East Village Historic District.

A condominium deal allowed the building to survive, with the congregation on the ground floor and basement level. Two of the apartments on the upper floors feature the synagogue’s original stained glass windows, and one also has an original door as part of a living room wall.


St. Brigid’s Church

This historic church on Avenue B and East 8th Street was built by Irish shipwrights in 1848. A structural crack forced the main church to close in 2001. Demolition began in 2006, but the process was stopped and delayed by a series of court decisions. In May 2008, the Archdiocese of New York announced that it had received a $20 million donation to the St. Brigid’s Parish and School. The Archdiocese restored the building and reopened St. Brigid – St Emeric Church in January 2013.

St. Brigid’s Church is one of the oldest buildings in our neighborhood and is of great importance to our community. We thank the Archdiocese and the donor for ensuring the future of this treasure. 

Art by Dave McCutcheon. 

Individual Landmarks

Old P.S. 64 / CHARAS / El Bohio

The EVCC joined with neighbors, community groups and elected officials to save Old P.S. 64 from the wrecking ball and development as a high-rise tower. The EVCC initiated and led the effort to landmark this one-time public school at 605 E 9th Street. After three years of dedicated community effort, P.S. 64, the former CHARAS / El Bohio Community Center, was designated as an Individual Landmark on June 20, 2006 and confirmed by the City Council on September 15, 2006. Designation Report.

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  • Old P.S. 64 CHARAS / El Bohio News
    Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Town Hall, October 12, 2017: I understand now that there’s been, for over a decade-and-a-half, a controversy and a problem over the CHARAS building, and that the decision made a long time ago by the Giuliani administration was a mistake. For the Giuliani administration to put that building into private hands failed miserably, and ...
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  • Old PS 64 💌 Rally & Press Conference – Tuesday, 2/14, 2pm
    Join elected officials, community organizations and activists to ask Mayor de Blasio to be our Valentine and give us back our Community Center former CHARAS El Bohio, P.S. 64 at 605 East 9th Street! Artists, dancers, actors, musicians, residents, community not-for-profit orgs. & service providers. Come as your favorite cultural or community resource, or come as you ...
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Landmarks Preservation Commission Designation Reports

Individual Landmarks

Aschenbroedel Verein (Gesangverein Schillerbund) / La Mama Experimental Theatre Club – 2009

Bouwerie Lane Theater (Bond Street Savings Bank) – 1967

Charlie Parker Residence – 1999

Children’s Aid Society, Elizabeth Home for Girls – 2008

Children’s Aid Society, Tompkins Square Lodging House for Boys and Industrial School – 2000 

Daniel LeRoy House – 1969

Eleventh Street Methodist Episcopal Chapel – 2010 

First German Baptist Church (AKA Tifereth Israel) – 2014

First Houses – 1974

First Ukrainian Assembly of God – 1969

Foundation Building, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art – 1966

Free Public Baths of the City of New York – 2008

German-American Shooting Society Clubhouse – 2001

Germania Fire Insurance Company Bowery Building – 2010

Hamilton-Holly House – 2004

Louis N. Jaffe Art Theater – 1993

New York City Marble Cemetery – 1969

New York Public Library, Ottendorfer Branch – 1977

New York Public Library, Tompkins Square Branch – 1999

Public National Bank of New York Building – 2008

(Former) Public School 64 – 2006

Ralph and Ann E. Van Wyck Mead House / Issac T. Hopper Home of the Women’s Prison Association – 2009

St. Marks-in-the-Bowery Church – 1966

Stuyvesant-Fish House – 1965

Webster Hall and Annex – 2008

Wheatsworth Bakery Building – 2008