Retail Diversity

Please visit our What’s Open EV map to discover local businesses across the East Village that are operating through the pandemic. Local businesses are the lifeblood of the neighborhood, let’s do our best to continue supporting them.

A diversity of local independent retail shops and services is an essential part of life in the East Village. EVCC continues to press for any and all measures to support the small businesses that keep our neighborhood livable and attractive.

We promote retail diversity through three key initiatives:

1) Publish EVCC’s annual Get Local! Guide to Local Shops. 

2) Advocate for formula retail restriction zoning to limit the number of chain stores in the East Village, which is known for its unique small businesses. Read our report on Preserving Local, Independent Business using FRZ. EVCC is working with CB 3’s Economic Development Committee on a proposed Special District for the East Village.

3) Formed the East Village Independent Merchants Association to support local, independent retailers in the neighborhood.