View the Ecological City Pageant and Celebrate LES History Month on the Ave B Open Street! 1 PM SAT MAY 14

Earth Celebrations’ spectacular procession celebrates climate solution initiatives throughout our neighborhood’s community gardens, parks and waterfront. The Ecological City Pageant will pass through the Ave B Open Street (between 8th & 9th Streets) at 1pm, to be followed by performances curated by FABnyc. 


Also join us for Chalk the LES with local artists to celebrate LES History Month! Share your favorite facts about our neighborhood’s history or collaborate on a group project (weather permitting).

Catch great FREE workshops and performances on the Ave B Open Street every Saturday afternoon (weather permitting), thanks to our friends at FABnyc! Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Street Milonga with IATI at 2 PM
  • Salsa with Sonido Coseno at 4PM
  • Artmaking with Swiss Institute between 2-5 PM.

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